"To Infinity and Beyond!"

LEBON x TerraCycle®

The LEBON ESSENTIALS organic toothpastes do not come in boxes in order tooptimise short loop recycling and to approach the objective of “zero waste”.

The tubes of the LEBON ESSENTIALS collection are made of 100% infinitelyrecyclable aluminium. However, we must bear in mind that regardless of thematerial, no toothpaste tube will be recycled in France by the usual networks. Thismeans the tubes will end up not being recycled, but incinerated.

We at LEBON feel that real recycling of our tubes is essential. Therefore, wehave set up a recycling partnership with an expert in this field, the companyTerraCycle®, for the recycling of our used tubes in Metropolitan France.

We are committed to acting diligently to respect our environment.